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Posted on 20/02/2012 by KGS
Commentary by Jim Campbell

 These two fools should not be allowed to ever be in the same state let alone the same room.  The need to be loves is so strong among RINO’s they must have not received proper nurturing during childhood.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

You have got to be freaking kidding me.

We all know that Al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood is a strong component of the opposition. Just what advantage would be served in removing one terrorist supporting regime and installing another? These are not freedom loving Jeffersonian democrats, but vile, 7th century Taliban types. If they think that by removing Assad they take a stab in the heart of terrorism, just who do you think would be replacing him? Islamonazis.

McCain, Graham call for US to arm Syrian rebels

By Justin Sink – 02/19/12 03:39 PM ET
Two prominent Republican U.S. senators urged that the United States arm opposition forces in Syria Sunday as the government of Bashar al-Assad continued a bloody crackdown on the protests that have engulfed the nation.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who both serve on the Senate Armed Services committee, argued that arming rebel fighters in the country could help beat back a Syrian government with close ties to Iran.

“Breaking Syria apart from Iran could be as important to containing a nuclear Iran as sanctions,” Graham said at a press conference in Kabul, according to the New York Times. “If the Syrian regime is replaced with another form of government that doesn’t tie its future to the Iranians, the world is a better place.”

Graham and McCain were in Afghanistan as part of a larger tour through the Middle East. The former GOP presidential candidate said that Syrian rebels needed help to defend themselves.

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Syrian (laughing out loud) Freedom Army, standing in front of al-Qaida flags.

The solution for removing activist Judges from our courts

By Jim Campbell

Let no one ever forget that it was the RINO Senator from South Carolina, Ms. Lindsey Graham that gave the heads up to the senate don’t bother to plan a filibuster I’m voting for her.  In his warped vision, “A president should get his choice and it should not be stopped by members of congress.  Apparently this “need to be loved” fool needs validation from the left.  Lindsey Graham is not qualified to be a US  senator with his bizarre delusions. Said another way, without Lindsey’s vote, that then led to other RINO cave ins we would not have a Marxist, anti-military, pro Sharia/ Islam member of the Supreme Court.

Squirrely Weasel Lindsey Graham look like he is ready for his first date with a “woman”

Article II Section I of the Constitution provides the mechanism for impeaching Supreme Judges and other Federal Judges as well. 

It’s time we remove activist judges, those who interpret the law as they see fit not as written in the Constitution the proverbial boot.  Impeachment is the way. It’s all mapped out in the 3 minute video above from Wild Bill for America. 

“Republicans” Capture SC House District

Palmetto state “Republicans” maintained their decisive edge in the S.C. House of Representatives on Tuesday by capturing a special election victory in Berkeley County.

In 2014 say goodbye to Ms. Lindsey

Edward L. “Eddy” Southard – chairman of the Berkeley County planning commission – handily defeated Moncks Corner town councilwoman Tonia Aiken-Taylor by a 60-40 margin. That’s an impressive win – at least until you recognize that this district is 80 percent “Republican.”

Southard will finish the term of fiscally-liberal Rep. David Umphlett – a RINO who passed away in May.

Will Southard join the small handful of fiscally-conservative reformers when he arrives in Columbia in January? Or will he align with the “Republicans in Name Only” who have pledged allegiance to liberal House Speaker Bobby Harrell (RINO-Charleston).

We’re going to keep an open mind, but early reports are that Southard will be a member of the RINO “Mouth Breather Caucus.”

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Right’s Graham Grousing Could Fizzle by 2014

David Drucker, Roll Call

Comment by Jim Campbell

Heads up for you Ms. Lindsey it will not soon be forgotten that you “chose” not to become involved after the case had been settled to help us get Corey Clagett released from solitary confinement at Leavenworth, KA.

 You sir could not lift Pfc Clagett’s balls out of the snow with a steam shovel.  Plan on moving Jan 2015.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Sen. Lindsey Graham is the kind of Republican whom tea party activists want to boot from the Senate, though even they think he’d be hard to oust in a primary three years from now.

If South Carolina’s political insiders are correct, Graham has little to worry about in 2014 despite a flirtation with Democrats on politically explosive issues that has enraged many in South Carolina’s tea-party-influenced, conservative GOP base.

That anger was on display recently in Greenville, S.C., when tea party activists attending a presidential campaign rally for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) sported “RINO Hunter” T-shirts and vowed to oust insufficiently conservative Republicans.

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Lindsey Graham was the only RINO to vote for seating the socialist sharia loving Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court

Comment by Jim Campbell

In his article “It Is Time For A Birther Summit which appeared June 30,2011 in the Canada Free Press Dean Haskins put a number of issues to rest with his letter to the RINOGRAHAM.  Using a new way to communicate, gradegov.com it is thought  that Graham had a better that usual chance of receiving this message.

Today, I sent a letter to South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham via gradegov.com.  My reason for choosing Graham is apparent in the letter itself.  Also, I chose gradegov.com because there is speculation that the members of Congress actually read what is posted there, unlike their regular emails, which are invariably intercepted by staffers, who respond with nothing more than form letters.  In this letter, I formally request that Senator Graham host a nationally necessary “Birther Summit.”


Here is my letter:

May 30, 2011
To: Senator Lindsey O. Graham
From: Dean C. Haskins

Dear Senator Graham:

(This is a must read letter J.C.)

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