The solution for removing activist Judges from our courts

By Jim Campbell

Let no one ever forget that it was the RINO Senator from South Carolina, Ms. Lindsey Graham that gave the heads up to the senate don’t bother to plan a filibuster I’m voting for her.  In his warped vision, “A president should get his choice and it should not be stopped by members of congress.  Apparently this “need to be loved” fool needs validation from the left.  Lindsey Graham is not qualified to be a US  senator with his bizarre delusions. Said another way, without Lindsey’s vote, that then led to other RINO cave ins we would not have a Marxist, anti-military, pro Sharia/ Islam member of the Supreme Court.

Squirrely Weasel Lindsey Graham look like he is ready for his first date with a “woman”

Article II Section I of the Constitution provides the mechanism for impeaching Supreme Judges and other Federal Judges as well. 

It’s time we remove activist judges, those who interpret the law as they see fit not as written in the Constitution the proverbial boot.  Impeachment is the way. It’s all mapped out in the 3 minute video above from Wild Bill for America. 

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