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Charles Krauthammer On Rick Perry Gaffe: It Reinforces A Stereotype

Comment by Jim Campbell

I have a completely different take on the memory lapse Rick Perry displayed during the debate.  A typical RINO, he was having problems remember which departments he promised to whom.

Rick Perry a RINO’s RINO

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

by Alex Alvarez
Krauthammer began by sharing that, as he watched the debate live, he was “dying, like everyone else” during the cringe-inducing moment when Perry seemed to completely blank on which third agency he would do away with if he is elected president

On Fox News’ Special Report, Charles Krauthammer offered a rather interesting and different perspective on the unfortunate gaffe Texas governor Rick Perry made last night during CNBC’s GOP debate.

He then recounted his own similar momentary memory lapse (which the less polished among us may, at times, refer to as a “brain fart”) during a dinner party. Moral of the story: We’ve all been there.

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Whatever Rick Perry’s Record Is, It’s Not Conservative

The New Republic

Dave Mann

 On Sunday afternoon—just 24 hours after Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced his presidential candidacy—an email arrived in my inbox titled, “14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be a Really, Really Bad President.” The article contained in the email took such a harsh tone toward Perry, I assumed, for a brief moment, that a liberal interest group was quickly jumping on the newest entrant in the Republican presidential field. In turns out, however, that the piece was the product of a right-wing website called The American Dream. The author of the article argued that Perry, the supposed savior of conservatives nationwide, is actually a RINO—a Republican in Name Only.

Rick Perry, RINO outed daily.

For Texans, this line of argument is nothing new. Indeed, for anyone who’s closely followed Perry’s tenure in Texas—as I have, covering the governor for The Texas Observer since 2003—it’s no secret that some of the state’s conservatives and libertarians dispute his conservative credentials. It’s true that Perry has trafficked heavily in anti-Washington rhetoric, especially in the run-up to his candidacy to become president. But the closer you look at Perry’s record in Texas, the harder it is to discern any coherent ideology at all. When GOP primary voters in other parts of the country examine his signature legislative accomplishments and policy stances, some won’t like what they find. 

The first Perry proposal to rile some Texas right-wing activists was the Trans-Texas Corridor—an ambitious plan to cover the state in a series of toll roads. Perry first pitched the idea during his 2002 campaign for governor.

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