Lindsey Graham was the only RINO to vote for seating the socialist sharia loving Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court

Comment by Jim Campbell

In his article “It Is Time For A Birther Summit which appeared June 30,2011 in the Canada Free Press Dean Haskins put a number of issues to rest with his letter to the RINOGRAHAM.  Using a new way to communicate, it is thought  that Graham had a better that usual chance of receiving this message.

Today, I sent a letter to South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham via  My reason for choosing Graham is apparent in the letter itself.  Also, I chose because there is speculation that the members of Congress actually read what is posted there, unlike their regular emails, which are invariably intercepted by staffers, who respond with nothing more than form letters.  In this letter, I formally request that Senator Graham host a nationally necessary “Birther Summit.”


Here is my letter:

May 30, 2011
To: Senator Lindsey O. Graham
From: Dean C. Haskins

Dear Senator Graham:

(This is a must read letter J.C.)

You don’t know me, but I believe you knew my late brother, Terry.  Until his tragic death in 2000, Terry served the good people of South Carolina as Speaker Pro Tem of their State House.  In deference to, and respect of, his memory, I pray that you will read—and consider—what I have to say, instead of immediately relegating this plea to what you probably refer to as your “Birther Bin” (what the rest of us call “the trash”).

Recently, I was forwarded a copy of a letter you sent to one of your constituents.  I’m quite certain I don’t need to provide her name, as you undoubtedly send the same letter to everyone whose communications contain the questions she asked you.  But, for the sake of continuity, here was the salient passage of your letter:

President Obama was born on August 4, 1961, in the State of Hawaii two years after it became a state in 1959. Every child born in the United States is a natural-born United States citizen except for the children of diplomats.  As such, President Obama acquired United States citizenship automatically at birth. Therefore, after turning 35 years of age, President Obama was eligible to run for President of the United States.

I’ll be as brief as possible here.  There are presently two major issues at hand for which you and your congressional colleagues are abrogating your constitutional oaths, and rather, supporting and defending a lie:

First, there is the fact that Barack Obama was not eligible to assume the office of president of the United States.  It appears that you and the other 434 members of Congress have relied upon disinformation to arrive at your present unconstitutional stance, and to provide the mendacious content of your letters of response to the American people.  The historic record confirms that, not only did the founding fathers regard the term “natural born Citizen” to mean “one born in this country to citizen parents,” but the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed that definition in 1875, and in so doing, created a binding precedent that has never been overturned.  To better understand that fact, please watch my video.  You were responsible to prevent this constitutional crisis from occurring in the first place, and each of you shirked your incumbent duties by blatantly refusing to do so, simply because it would not have been considered politically correct.

And, second, there is overwhelming evidence that on April 27, 2011, Barack Obama released a very cheaply forged document that he called a birth certificate.  That act was a felony under current United States Code (forgery of a government document of identification).  Nationally renowned and respected forensic document examiners and software experts have publicly repudiated that computer-generated image as fraudulent.  Here are but a few of the most notable experts’ analyses: Here, here and here.

Not surprisingly, in the entirety of the national media, merely one lone expert has been quoted as confirming the authenticity of that computer image; however, there appears to be a problem, in that, Mr. Tremblay is furious at Fox News for misquoting him.

Additionally, in support of LTC Terry Lakin (an 18-year Army flight surgeon with an exemplary record, who simply questioned whether Barack Obama was constitutionally eligible to be the Commander-in-Chief, and subsequently lost his military career and was sent to Leavenworth as Obama’s political prisoner for five months), retired Major General Paul Vallely stated that he had “ex-CIA and investigators look at Obama’s birth certificate, and 10 out of 10 said it was a forgery.”

Let me amend my previous statement: there is not a single reputable forensic document examiner or software expert who has risked his reputation or career by authenticating that specious computer image.

Add to that, the fact that Barack Obama has been using a seemingly invalid Social Security number, and his Selective Service registration has also been shown to be a forgery, and the evidence of numerous crimes to hide his ineligibility appears to unquestionably exist.  That the evidence itself presents more than a reasonable doubt, the lack of an honest, independent investigation into these matters by Congress is reprehensible.

So, fundamentally, we know that there have been crimes committed, and we also know that there is an ongoing coverup of those crimes.  I’m sure you are aware that, often, it is isn’t the crime, but the coverup, that ultimately ends political careers; and therein lies your problem, Senator Graham.  There are innumerable Americans who are fully aware of these crimes and the congressional coverup; moreover, we are growing and better organizing each day, and in the coming weeks and months, you will undoubtedly be aware that our message is permeating the country, educating those who have, so far, relied upon the complicit national media for their information.  Yes, do not mistake, we are coming for your jobs, for you have feared the ridicule of the media, rather than properly regarding We the People, and our Constitution, for far too long.

I do, however, want to give you and your cohorts one last opportunity to put yourselves on the right side of this calamity, and I pray that you will thoughtfully consider my proposal.

It is time, for the sake of this nation, and our Constitution, that we have a Birther Summit!  We’ll even abide by your setting certain parameters of such a summit.  Accordingly, if you would like, there could be leaders from both sides of this issue assembled.  You gather as many of your colleagues as you desire, and I’ll bring various leaders from our movement (which will include attorneys, Ph.Ds, and military, as well as other notable spokespeople).

Alternatively, you can still gather every possible person you can, and I will meet with all of you in a location of your choosing—by myself.  I am that confident in the facts and the evidence.  Senator Graham, I am a nobody, but I still know that my solitary presence—with the evidence—is all that will really be necessary, for with whomever the truth rests, there is all the majority that is necessary.  I will travel wherever, and whenever, you are able to accommodate such a meeting.  However, I will also report the conclusions of that meeting extensively (as I am also doing with this letter to you).

We would be amenable to either set of parameters regarding who would participate in such a summit.

I would ask, though, that in addition to anyone else who might be in attendance, you would assure me of the presence of Jack Maskell (CRS).  I would be most honored for the opportunity to speak directly to him in such a setting.  There are more than a few questions I would like for him to answer.

Either way, we who know the truth, and have been trying, unsuccessfully, for more than two years, to get Congress to answer to that truth, deserve to be heard—honestly, and without the deceptive spin we’ve all received from you so far.  I trust you will grant us this opportunity.

I implore you, Senator Graham, not to cower from this issue, as Congress has been doing for so long, but to address it head-on as a man—an American man—who was elected by the people of South Carolina to support and defend the Constitution.

And, we won’t even need beer at our summit, for the evidence itself will sufficiently make your heads spin.

I look forward to your reply.

For our Constitution,

Dean C. Haskins

The letter is posted on the website, and I now urge every one of you to contact your members of Congress, and urge them to have a Birther Summit.  In your letters, include the URL of my letter, and tell them it is WAY PAST TIME for this to happen!

7 responses to “Lindsey Graham was the only RINO to vote for seating the socialist sharia loving Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court

  1. I will do that even though there won’t be any response acceptable to me or the millions around the USA who believe Obama is an imposter. We just can’t quit.

  2. I agree Loral!

  3. Obama is power crazy. What concerns me is that I don’t believe he can be defeated by the current crop of candidates. He will probably be reelected for another 4 years and during that time I believe he will try to get amendments to the constitution to stay in power. He will try to increase the term of the president from 4 to 6 six and repeal the amendment limiting the president to two terms. My recurrent nightmare is that he will do anything to stay in power.

    • I wouldn’t be betting any money on Obama winning another term. This guy is toast. Thanks for your comments Horace, J.C.

  4. I have a US senator from my state the Peoples Republic of Illinois one of the biggest RINOs out there. Mark .Kirk. when a member of the house he ranked lowest on the conservative scale of any Republican with Democrats more conservative than him. Illinois is now the only state in the Union without concealed carry.

    Great letter, but we all know they he would never take him up on the offer because it would show him wrong and most likely he knows he is spouting bull shit.

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