RINOS At Newsmax Starting Cable Channel To Attack Fox From Middle, With This One Weird Trick

crew-223Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


I can envision no business plan for even the most desperate of  RINO’s to have a workable business.

Going up against FOX ?  Good luck and a pure sign of desperation.


by Doktor Zoom


Our good friends at Newsmax — please click their linkies on the right side of your screen, to give Yr Wonket moneez — are going to be starting up an exciting and important cable teevee channel in June that we will never ever watch. (Who are we kidding, we will probably find all sorts of fine stories there, as well as some vitamin supplements.)

This is how it works!  Ah, well it doesn’t!

According to BusinessWeek, NewsmaxTV will be aimed at “conservatives who feel Fox has drifted too far to the right,” which should at the very least make for some interesting Free Republic posts about the liberal RINOs at the new network.

BusinessWeek devotes about 40 million words to fluffing Newsmax founder Chris Ruddy, who seems nice as long as you bar from your mind his central role in promoting the story that Vince Foster and a bunch of other people were murdered by Hillary Clinton so she could feed on their pineal glands. But now he’s besties with the Clintons, so no harm, no foul.

But you know what, if they want to give Yr Wonkette sweet rightwing delusion dollars to advertise their new dumb network, we will take them because free enterprise. And then we will make fun of their anchors’ dumb hair and dumber stories.

Entire article below.

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Say Goodbye to Romney: “Islam is not an inherently violent faith”

Pamela Geller

Atlas Shrugs

Comment by Jim Campbell

STOP THE CAMERAS:  Let’s get this straight.  We currently have a ‘former Muslim’ in the White House that has Studied Islam and knows all about it. Now Mitt Romney wants your vote because he has not studied Islam and apparently knows noting about it.  This guy is too much, but not enough to be our next president. 

What’s the point? He is too clueless to answer!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Hamas  Child Suicide Bomber

Young Palestinian girl being trained for Jihad

Nope, no inherent threat here: 911 Panel concluded planes were flow by Nuns with Guns

Not Mitt Romney. No way. No how.

Apparently, unlike most everything else, Mitt Romney has not flip-flopped on his position on jihad and Islam. Back in July 2009, I wrote in a post entitled, “Why Romney Won’t be President” that Romney would not be president because he said something so fundamentally and unabashedly wrong about America’s greatest mortal threat that he was unfit to be President: “Jihadism Is not part of Islam.” Yes, he said that. That is frightening coming from a Presidential candidate. Instead of spending the ensuing years studying jihad, Romney appears hardwired for delusion in his latest remarks.

John Boehner has always been a RINO..He Caves on the “Super Committee” It may be hello Speaker Bachmann

The Town Crier

When John Boehner is took it from the Democrats, forgetting that we won and they lost he proved to be the the weeping, spineless RINO, he’s always been!
Mark Steyn: “No, I don’t. I don’t, to be honest. I think John Boehner has been an incredible disappointment. I think John Boehner has basically climbed into the Bob Dole suit, and I think they misunderstand the lessons of the 2010 election, which is that the Tea Party chose to work within the diseased husk of the Republican Party it loathes.

And it still hasn’t forgiven for 2006 and 2008. So for the Republicans to demonstrate that hey, we’re back to 2006 again, except on Obama-level spending, is not a good idea. We need Republicans to at least take the lead in broadening public discourse. This country is broke. It’s the brokest country in the history of the planet. And the idea of arguing over itsy-bitsy, half a billion here andLink half a billion there, and continuing resolutions staggering forward every ten days, is preposterous. It’s inadequate to the task. It’s inadequate for the challenge facing America.”

Supercommittee Fight May Reveal the GOP Is Beyond Saving

by Dan Mitchell

Senior Fellow at The Cato Institute

Some people have asked why I’m so agitated about the possibility that Republicans may acquiesce to tax increases as part of the Supercommittee negotiations.

Rather than get into a lengthy discourse about the proper role of the federal government or an analysis of how the Bush-Obama spending binge worsened America’s fiscal situation, I think this chart from a previous post says it all (click to enlarge).

Republicans are considering a surrender on taxes because they are afraid that a deadlock will lead to a sequester, which would mean automatic budget savings. And the sequester, according to these politicians, would “cut” the budget too severely.

But as the chart illustrates, that is utter nonsense.

There are only budget cuts if you use dishonest Washington budget math, which magically turns spending increases into spending cuts simply because the burden of government isn’t expanding faster than it potentially could.

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RINOs and conservatism’s future

The Conservative American

Rod Dreher

Anyone who gets drawn into the attempts to modernize the Republican Party inevitably ends up reading about the experiences of the UK and Canadian conservatives. The Canadian Conservatives went through many years in the wilderness before they eventually secured their current governing majority and the British Conservatives are also actively debating how to modernize their own party.

When an American reads the literature that these debate produce, its impossible not to feel some longing for the discussion that is taking place in other countries.

Yes, indeed. I know that David Frum and I do not agree on the kind of Republican Party and conservative movement we would like to see, but we definitely agree that this intellectual and creative stalemate we have in the GOP now is bad for conservatism, and bad for America.

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