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Lindsey Graham was the only RINO to vote for seating the socialist sharia loving Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court

Comment by Jim Campbell

In his article “It Is Time For A Birther Summit which appeared June 30,2011 in the Canada Free Press Dean Haskins put a number of issues to rest with his letter to the RINOGRAHAM.  Using a new way to communicate, gradegov.com it is thought  that Graham had a better that usual chance of receiving this message.

Today, I sent a letter to South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham via gradegov.com.  My reason for choosing Graham is apparent in the letter itself.  Also, I chose gradegov.com because there is speculation that the members of Congress actually read what is posted there, unlike their regular emails, which are invariably intercepted by staffers, who respond with nothing more than form letters.  In this letter, I formally request that Senator Graham host a nationally necessary “Birther Summit.”


Here is my letter:

May 30, 2011
To: Senator Lindsey O. Graham
From: Dean C. Haskins

Dear Senator Graham:

(This is a must read letter J.C.)

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