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Olympia Snowe has been defrauding the US taxpayer has just reported that Olympia Snowe, the most liberal Republican in the US Senate, has been benefiting financially from the defrauding of the U.S. government by her husband’s company.  Snowe reported on her most recent disclosure form that the amount of money received from this fraud is anywhere from $6 to $30 million dollars.

We already knew that Snowe was friendlier to Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi than her fellow Republicans.  She was the only Republican Senator to have voted for Obamacare.  With this new revelation, it’s even more important that we defeat her in the upcoming Primary.

I’m Scott D’Amboise and I am the Conservative Republican Challenger to SnoweI need an URGENT contribution TODAY to keep up the pressure on Snowe.

This is our chance.  A poll of Maine Republicans recently showed that only a bit more than 30% of Primary voters want to see her re-elected.  With this new revelation, we have an even better chance to defeat her if we can raise the necessary funds.

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