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Rick Perry’s Islamist Ties

The New American

by Daniel Sayani  

Texas Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry is no stranger to controversy. Perry’s record as Governor is marred by numerous instances of increased taxation, lackluster job growth, and fiscal impropriety and outright corruption, all tied together by a common ethos of fiscal liberalism, Keynesian economics, and statism — a desire for increased governmental power

Not the right stuff?  You decide.


While Perry’s economic record and association with the Bilderberg Group ought to be of legitimate concern to true conservatives, another aspect of his record must also be scrutinized:

his associations with the Islamist Aga Khan Foundation, which has been linked to incendiary anti-American and anti-Western rhetoric and has been identified as a source of funding to numerous terror groups.

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Special Session Priorities Still Unachieved Thanks To RINO Sabotage

By Peter Morrison


Comment by Jim Campbell

To be very clear Governor Rick Perry is no RINO, he needs to begin learning to run his campaign while battling for key legislation in Texas.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C.

Recently Governor Rick Perry ordered a special legislative session to deal with a few pressing issues, such as school funding, Congressional redistricting, and other matters. During a special session, legislators may only deal with issues specified by the Governor in the call for the special session, or issues which he adds once the session begins. In this case, Governor Perry added two more items to the agenda.

The first was a bill banning “sanctuary cities” in Texas.  The term refers to cities and towns that declare themselves a sanctuary for illegal aliens, openly stating that they are not going to enforce laws against illegal immigration. The other one was a bill that would make it a crime for TSA agents to touch the private parts of airline passengers during “security screenings.”

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