Flaming RINO Lindsey Graham says Muslim funeral for Bin Laden smart because of religious sensitivity

By Jim Campbell

Yea RINOBOY  Please let your sensitivity be known to the parents and loved ones of the beheaded Nick Berg and the Black Water Operatives drug through the streets, dismembered and hung from bridges.  But then what would we suspect from the US Senator from South Carolina whose constituent Pfc Corey Clagett rots in solitary confinement in Leavenworth, KS because you “choose” not to become involved.  You are going down hard in 2014 order your moving van now and lock in your price.  People in SC are sick and tired of you.

The more Lindsey Graham opens mouth the more and more I despise this guy. Between Graham and Snowe I don’t know who is more pathetic.  Both are flaming RINOs, both want amnesty for illegals, and both are hyper politically correct. According to CNSNEWS, Lindsey Graham said it was “smart” to give a tradional Muslim funeral who has killed thousands of Americans (including 9/11) because “Religious sensitivity is smart.” Adios! Grahmnesty.

Graham said the move was “about us,” implying that affording bin Laden Muslim funeral rites was more about upholding American values than about showing respect for the man who murdered nearly 3,000 Americans.
“But, it is about us when we capture someone so I’m proud that my nation, our nation, would be sensitive to religion even though the people involved are not sensitive themselves,” he said.

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