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RINO Lindsey Graham wants to limit free speech and set laws against burning the Quran

Comment by Jim Campbell

Leave it to Ann to take on Goober and his suck up stand on Islam.  This guy doesn’t even understand the Constitution yet he is a Navy Reserve Jag Officer who refused to sign a letter to the Secretary of the Army asking for leniency on behalf of Pfc. Corey Clagett, who followed direct order to shoot and kill Iraqi men of military age in operation Iron Triangle. 

This slime ball would not take a phone call from his Mother to discuss the issue. Corey’s mom Melanie sent me this letter from Goober.


In 2014 it is my personal mission to devote the time and resources necessary to make sure this weasel is terminated with extreme prejudice at the ballot box. Heads up Lindsey, Ann could tie you in knots!

Ann Barnhardt takes on Lindsey Graham, the ignorant Islamic suck up

The Democrat in Republican’s clothing is at it again. Though are most Republicans really that much different than Democrats anymore? RINO Lindsey Graham is now famous for this quote he made on CBS’ Face the Nation about limiting free speech:

‘Freedom of Speech is a Great Idea But We’re in a War’

Can someone provide a story where Muslims burn a bible and Christians go massacre Muslims? Or either Christians or Muslims burn a Torah, and Jews go on a rampage and kill people over this? Of course burning the American flag happens almost daily either here or in Muslim countries. Do you ever hear anything from government trying to limit free speech over that? Of course not.

This is in reference to the Muslim nuts are have killed and beheaded people in Afghanistan in light of the Christian nut Terry Jones’ burning of a Quran recently. While Jones is a nut, burning a Quran is protected under free speech laws, yet because Muslims in Afghanistan go batsh*t crazy, now both Graham and Harry Reid want to make it crime. Unfortunately this flaming RINO Graham isn’t up for re-election in South Carolina until 2014. Hopefully then, they will primary this loser and get a real conservative to took his place. Any way they could recall him ahead of time?

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