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Lies, Taxes, and RINOs

Comment by Jim Campbell Citizen Journalist

I have no use for RINO’s, that being said we must be careful during the upcoming election to not shoot them all.  The goal is to remove, the progressive/socialists/Marxist who lust to continue to have us be their serfs.

That’s not going to happen!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Throw off the oppressive taxes, regulations, and unelected and unresponsive bureaucracy

Michael Oberndorf,

Canada Free Press

Their alarmist hysteria over the imminent demise of the planet – they always call it the planet, not the Earth, Earth being the name derived from Old English and German, and thus Northern European and evil – is always accompanied by demands for draconian measures to save us. Cap-and-Trade, for example, was supposed to put an end to alleged man-made global warming by making the production of carbon dioxide destructively expensive.

Anyone with an IQ over room temperature who has spent even a short time looking into the claims “environmentalists” make to justify sending free, capitalist, Space Age America back to the Stone Age, has discovered that the vast majority of their claims are flat-out lies.

Funny thing, though, few people wanted to see the world’s industrial economies wrecked to lower a substance that, a) all of us exhale when we breathe; b) plants need to absorb to survive; and c) has no scientifically proven causal connection to global warming, or as the greenies are now calling it, “climate change.”

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