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The Tea Party is hunting RINOs in Maine

By Tim Stanley US politics

The London Telegraph

Four Republican senators have indicated that they will vote against Paul Ryan’s controversial budget. One (Kentucky’s Rand Paul) thinks the budget is too cautious. Three (Maine’s Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, Massachusetts’s Scott Brown) say it is too radical. Conservatives accuse the New England trio of being Republicans In Name Only, or RINOs for short.

Moderate "Republicans In Name Only" are a dying breed

Moderate “Republicans In Name Only” are a dying breed

Whatever their private philosophies may be, each is trying to stay electorally competitive in heavily Democratic states by hewing to the centre. But balancing the concerns of voters and the expectations of grassroots activists is becoming harder to do in the age of the Tea Party. Given the momentum enjoyed by the right, RINOs like these may be extinct within a generation.

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