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The Problem With RINOs Is Their Courage Level


Re James Kirkpatrick’s article Is “Conservatism” Enough? Russell Pearce’s Defeat And The Future Of “The Movement”

From: Paul Streitz [email him]

It is not the ideas that the RINOs hold that is the problem, it is their courage level.

With the Exception of Senator John McCain, a RINO,  I agree and Lindsey Graham is the personification of a RINO…..A complete coward. (Jim Campbell)

There is a book called Emotion: A Psychoevolutionary Synthesis by Robert Plutchik. It posits eight basic emotionsthat come in opposite pairs: joy-grief, anticipation-surprise, acceptance-disgust, fear-anger.The RINO’s are high on fear. That is, they are simply afraid of any pushback for anything they do. Therefore, they compromise on everything. They are not fighters. Also, what they desire in life is acceptance. They want to be liked. When a group objects to what they do, they simply back down. They cannot force their ideas on anyone.