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No time to revisit those RINO retreads


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The Republican Party stands at the precipice of leading America back from the cultural, economic, legislative and diplomatic disasters of the Obama years, except that in recent decades it has proven itself devoid of the necessary courage, leadership, or ideology to accomplish such a feat.

Instead, it predictably reverts to what the party insiders consider politically “safe” ground, with the main goal being to avoid controversy at any cost, including the forfeiture of its very soul.

The dismantling of America’s medical services that directly resulted from the ensuing nightmare of Obamacare should have been recognized and seized as a golden opportunity for the GOP to completely reverse course, thus giving the nation a chance to restore its formerly unrivaled level of treatment. Meanwhile, the issue has polarized the people against the Democrat Party to a degree not seen since the early 1990s, thus providing an occasion to discredit the entire liberal agenda and begin repairing the devastation caused by it.

So, of course, the reasoned response from the political “experts” of the Republican Party establishment is to continually scale back any notion of actually repealing Obamacare, and suggest as an alternative some insipid “fixes” that might abate its worst aspects without overly angering those who support socialized medicine in America. Anything of greater magnitude might be labeled “extreme” by the media, which would simply be unacceptable to those erudite Republicans.

The recent primary election wins of House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are proving to be timely for the party elite, who brought big money into those races to preserve the Beltway status quo. Consequently, they can claim with an appearance of credibility that their chosen candidates will fare far better than hapless conservatives with their fixation on such annoyances as integrity and principle. Let everyone be relentlessly reminded of Todd Akin, and forewarned of a similar fate for those who fall into the disfavor of the party elite.

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