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Ms. Lindsey Graham Busted by NewsBusters


Comments by Jim Campbell

The acronym RINO was invented for Lindsey Graham. Not only does he play both sides of the aisle, he is frequently on the side with no facts and strange beliefs.  He worked to get Cap and Tax legislation passed. He was the one hold out that kept the Republicans for filibustering the appointment of the reprehensible, Sharia compliant, Marxist, all things gay, Elana Kagan. Yep we got her because of good ole goober.

On a personal note, he refused to go to bat for his Constituent Pfc. Corey Clagett, wrongfully imprisoned in Leavenworth, Kansas in solitary confinement for following direct orders to kill while in Iraq. 

His response, in a written letter to Corey’s mother he wrote, “I chose not to get involved.”  Thank you Ms. Lindsey because I’ve become very involved with the good folks of South Carolina that will be voting your useless but out of the Senate.

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