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Yesterday’s act of surrender by the GOP leadership, in accepting the Democrat-RINO “deal” to end the government shutdown should finally show us it’s time to make a real and serious effort to clean the House, and the Senate, of RINOs. The progressive RINO Republicans and progressive liberal Democrats, along with the White House that is destroying this country, cut a deal to get what they wanted and screw us, the American people, in the process.

Erick Erickson’s commentary at RedState this morning, titled “Advancing. Ever Advancing” is spot on right and it’s a good start. He reminded us about the leadership provided by Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and how we can send them more allies as senators by electing solid conservatives in the senate races in several states.

Erickson writes, “So we must advance. Two Republicans in the Senate caused this fight that their colleagues would have surrendered on more quickly but for them. Imagine a Senate filled with more. We have an opportunity to replace Mitch McConnell in Kentucky with a better conservative. We should do that. We have the opportunity to send a strong conservative from North Carolina and we should do that. Same in Colorado. Kansas looks to be in play. Chris McDaniel will declare his candidacy for the Senate in Mississippi. Conservatives will rally to him quickly. Tennessee could be in play too.”

While I’m not yet sold on Matt Bevin in Kentucky, who is challenging Mitch McConnell in the primary there next year, because it seems he might be more of a Christine O’Donnell than a Rand Paul or a Ted Cruz. While we do need to flush out the RINOs, it doesn’t advance us if we defeat an incumbent with an entirely incompetent candidate who will definitely turn the seat over to the Democrats in the general election as did Christine “I’m not a witch” O’Donnell did in Delaware in 2010. But RINOs like Lindsey Graham definitely must be defeated in primaries with good conservative candidates.

We need to do the same in the House races too, starting with supporting J.D. Winteregg, who is challenging John Boehner for Congress from Ohio. Every members of Congress who under-performs on the Madison Project index needs to be challenged in the primary in an effort to nominate a more conservative electable candidate. In order to win, Republicans must present the voters a mainstream conservative vision of prosperity, freedom, and American Exceptionalism rather than big government, political correctness, and America as a nation in decline. Republicans don’t win being moderate and positioning themselves as Democrat Lite.

Elections have consequences. We’ve elected too many moderate and liberal Republicans to seats that could and should be held by solid conservatives more like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Yesterday’s cave-in by the GOP leadership proves that again.