Lies, Taxes, and RINOs

Comment by Jim Campbell Citizen Journalist

I have no use for RINO’s, that being said we must be careful during the upcoming election to not shoot them all.  The goal is to remove, the progressive/socialists/Marxist who lust to continue to have us be their serfs.

That’s not going to happen!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Throw off the oppressive taxes, regulations, and unelected and unresponsive bureaucracy

Michael Oberndorf,

Canada Free Press

Their alarmist hysteria over the imminent demise of the planet – they always call it the planet, not the Earth, Earth being the name derived from Old English and German, and thus Northern European and evil – is always accompanied by demands for draconian measures to save us. Cap-and-Trade, for example, was supposed to put an end to alleged man-made global warming by making the production of carbon dioxide destructively expensive.

Anyone with an IQ over room temperature who has spent even a short time looking into the claims “environmentalists” make to justify sending free, capitalist, Space Age America back to the Stone Age, has discovered that the vast majority of their claims are flat-out lies.

Funny thing, though, few people wanted to see the world’s industrial economies wrecked to lower a substance that, a) all of us exhale when we breathe; b) plants need to absorb to survive; and c) has no scientifically proven causal connection to global warming, or as the greenies are now calling it, “climate change.”

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How disappointing it must have been for the greedy eco-fascists when their dreams of getting rich through taxes and emissions trading schemes had a head-on collision with truth and reality. However, today’s neo-fascists are nothing if not persistent. World War II didn’t kill them, and neither have a few minor set-backs like the public learning the truth. They are pressing on, but at a more secretive, less obvious level.

For instance, how many folks out there have heard of a new carbon tax called the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)? Until it was pointed out by my congressman, Rep. Jeff Landry (R-LA), I wasn’t either. This is a European Union tax to be levied on flights coming into EU countries, and is expected to cost non-EU airlines $1 billion, just this year. With ticket prices for American airlines already prohibitively high, and airlines struggling just to survive in the abysmal economic conditions created by Obama and the Democrats, adding more to the cost of flying is the last thing we need. Moreover, the money will not benefit Americans at all – nor Europeans either, for that matter – but will end up spent by EU bureaucrats, supposedly to stop non-existent global warming.

To top off the absurdity of the EU’s justification, Rep. Landry has revealed that since 2000, carbon emissions from American jets have dropped 15 percent and are projected to go down another 12 percent over the next 20 years, while emissions from jets from EU countries have risen 15 percent. As with nearly every tax scheme or purported solution to an “environmental problem,” the remedy causes damage, often major, to important segments of the private sector.

Interestingly, Congressman Landry notes that China, the role model for the Obama crowd, has instructed their airlines not to provide emissions data to the EU, and threatened to impound EU aircraft if China is not excluded from the tax. The Fraud in the White House, however, has done zip, zero, nada to protect U.S. airlines. But then, that is what he has done in every case where Americans are, or will be, damaged by the policies of foreign governments. Unlike Congressman Landry, Obama and his mindless Marxist minions are not our friends.

Unfortunately, it seems that solid conservative members of Congress are not only disliked by Obama and his “environmentalist” cronies, they are disliked by the Republican Establishment, the RINOs. Like other outspoken conservatives such as Allen West (R-FL), Jeff Landry saw his district, Louisiana’s 3rd, gerrymandered in a way that will force him into a tough election that would not have occurred under the old district boundaries. Landry finds himself up against a RINO – not a Democrat – supported by the corrupt and cowardly Establishment party misleadership, and big-money special interests, and business and medical PACS. His opponent appears to be an out-of-touch, inside-the-beltway, business as usual RINO.

The Fourth of July, Independence Day, is a good time to reflect on what it was that people were looking for when they rose up in arms to throw off the oppressive taxes, regulations, and unelected and unresponsive bureaucracy of the ruling British government. I think they sought a government of free men of principle, men who truly believe that republican government exists only to act in the interests of, and with the consent of the governed. And I think it’s men like Congressman Jeff Landry and Congressman Allen West, and a number of other so-called “Tea Party” candidates who are today’s inheritors of this fundamental American tradition.

It behooves us, then, in the five months until the November election, to get out and work for and with these candidates, donate to and help them raise money, and do whatever is necessary to see that they, not the elitists, the crooks, the Marxists, and the neo-fascists, represent us in Congress come 2013.




5 responses to “Lies, Taxes, and RINOs

  1. Enter your RINO of choice so we can get them identified before the elections and get true conservatives in office:

  2. America……….it is your decision and in 2012 we either become a free market, capitalist system or we go straight to socialism. Here are the facts, you decide:

  3. What do Barack Obama, Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party all have in common? Abortion and ethnic killing of babies!

  4. This is criminal and when will the people responsible for this in the DOJ be prosecuted? This is pure “colluding” and it is illegal. It also seems that Eric Holder is involved since he has had contact with a member of the Daily Caller at times.

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