Shockingly, grassroots support for RINOs evaporates, leaving Dick Lugar grasping at straws (and Leftists)

The Doug Ross Journal

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

This is not going to be the year of the RINO, those who share the moniker will be targeted for extinction.  See Rid Congress of RINO’s.

Lugar, the great compromiser doesn’t understand that this is war.  There is no compromise in war unless you plan to lose.

Unfortunately the mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the biggest RINO of them all, Ms. Lindsey Graham won’t be going down until 2014.  I plan to see that it happens.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Four days before the GOP primary, six-term incumbent Dick Lugar (R-IN) is in serious trouble, trailing Tea Party favorite Richard Mourdock by 10 points. Lugar, in his desperation to cling to power, has now turned to insulting Republicans and begging Democrats for support.


But, if he loses the primary, perhaps Lugar can run in the general as a democrat

The leftward drift of Democrats in the past couple of decades makes compromise increasingly untenable. Whatever basis there remained for genuine bipartisanship in Congress died during the second Bush term. The 2006 election brought into office a crowd of Democrats beholden to the far left, demanding radical measures on every issue from gay rights to global warming to health care. This was bad news for the Arlen Specter/Mike Castle type of “centrist” Republicans, just as it was for the Rick Boucher/Barron Hill type of “Blue Dog” Democrats, who were all but wiped out in 2010.

Liberal media types, always sympathetic to GOP moderates, like to portray the primary defeats of guys like Lugar as indicative of right-wing extremism among the Republican electorate, but the exact opposite it true: The problem is that the Democratic Party’s agenda is now so extreme that any Republican who tries to compromise with the opposition ends up embracing policies rejected by common-sense GOP primary voters.
Worse still, the establishment GOP — the pretend conservatives like Eric Cantor — have spent significant dollars trying to shore up Lugar’s support. Why? Because they appear to be so out-of-touch with mainstream America and so addicted to power, that they have become infected with the same disease that has poisoned so many politicians.

They are in love with power, not serving the will of the people.

The questions Cantor and Boehner have to ask themselves are obvious:

• Is there some mystical grassroots support for RINOism that I’ve somehow missed all of these years?

• Has RINOism worked to stop the insane deficit spending of the radical Left?

• Is RINOism going to attract the base that helped orchestrate the 2010 wipeout of the Statist Left?

• Does RINOism address America’s most crippling problems, from entitlement reform to a mandatory overhaul of the tax code?

No. No. No. And. No.

Compromise with people who want to “fundamentally transform” America — i.e., destroy it — is impossible if we are to honor our highest law, our institutions and traditions.

We must be resolute. We must continue to overthrow the RINOs in the Republican Party and to return the GOP — and the country — to its lawful roots. We must force this government to revere the Constitution, above their own petty whims. We must force this government to serve the people, not the other way around.

In November, Messrs. Cantor, Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the RINO panty-waists must be relegated to the back-bencher status they so richly deserve. Their foolhardy maneuvers, cowardice in the face of radical Leftists, and attacks on conservatives are all worthy of utter disdain by Republican voters.

3 responses to “Shockingly, grassroots support for RINOs evaporates, leaving Dick Lugar grasping at straws (and Leftists)

  1. I hope it will not happen, but if Obama gets reelected, and these people keep confirming his nominees, SCOTUS will have a majority of leftists who rubber stamp his agenda. If my senators had confirmed both Sotomayor and Kagan they would wish they were dead.

  2. The day of the RINO is over in the immediate future. They must be replaced with those that understand economics. Zero based budgeting for a start.

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