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Indiana’s Dick Lugar to sip cocktails with Michael Bloomberg. Birds of a feather sure do flock together. Lugar may have picked the wrong time to form a better alliance with Bloomberg as it appears his recent financial scandal sill bring him down.  Where’s the $1.5  billion

So it’s no surprise that the country’s most anti-gun Republican mayor, Michael Bloomberg, invited the U.S. Senate’s most anti-gun Republican member up to his New York City residence for cocktails and a fund-raiser next Monday.

Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana never met a gun control bill he didn’t like, and his F-rating from GOA is well-deserved.

Bloomberg, of course, founded the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Bloomberg, conveniently, thinks virtually all guns should be illegal. So MAIG is simply yet another gun prohibition organization.

While Bloomberg and Lugar may get along fine, his Republican primary opponent, Richard Moudock, is reaching out to gun owners throughout the state.

The Indiana Republican primary for senate is one of the most important races in the country for gun owners, and we don’t have to wait around for November to hand the anti-gunners a massive defeat.

The May 8th primary features two candidates who are diametrically opposed on the Second Amendment:

Dick Lugar does not agree that the Second Amendment protects an individual right.

Richard Mourdock believes the message of the Second Amendment is clear: “shall not be infringed” is a restriction on federal power to regulate gun ownership.

Dick Lugar doesn’t trust the people with firearms, so he supports banning semi-automatic rifles that he erroneously calls “assault weapons.”

Richard Mourdock understands that gun bans don’t stop criminals, but only hamper the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves.

Dick Lugar believes you should submit to a waiting period before you purchase a handgun, hence “enjoying” a little time to “cool off.”

Richard Mourdock believes that it’s the Congress that should “cool off” and stop passing bill after bill that ignores the Constitution.

Perhaps worst of all, Dick Luger supports UN efforts to pass the small arms treaty, a treaty that could impact every gun owner in America. Dick Lugar was the ONLY Republican Senator NOT to come out in opposition to the treaty.

Richard Mourdock will never vote to hand over any authority to the UN.

This Senate election is particularly important in the event that Barack Obama manages to win another term. If Obama is reelected, Dick Lugar means one more vote for anti-gun Supreme Court justices, the small arms treaty and other anti-gun legislation.

The choice for Senator could not be more clear.

Make no mistake, however, Dick Lugar will be hard to beat. He’ll have almost unlimited money pouring in from the party establishment in Washington, and he’ll be calling in favors everywhere.

But Lugar can be defeated with the help of tens of thousands of gun owners and sportsmen from across the country.

Richard Mourdock, currently the State Treasurer of Indiana, is virtually tied with Lugar in the polls. This is our chance to defeat a politician who has been a thorn in the side of gun owners for more than three decades.

So please visit Richard Mourdock on the web at and chip in a few bucks to help his campaign. Lugar is spending millions of dollars, so please do all you can to help the Mourdock campaign go toe-to-toe with Lugar.

We don’t have to wait until next November to start beating the anti-gunners. Please help to get things rolling in Indiana today!


Tim Macy
Vice Chairman

P.S. Dick Lugar has been voting against gun rights for more than 30 years. His opponent, Richard Mourdock earned the support of GOA-PVF for his strong stance for your gun rights. Please visit Richard online today to make a financial contribution.



  1. Does Diane F really think she is helping to get the USA out of the swamp she helped put there….If she really thought and loved the USA she would retire and let someone who is up with the world the way it is now days . Its way out of her league.. She is running on passion for the kids that got murdered but we cant live that way.. To many things are going on that is out off her orbit and we need young experience blood to get Obama out of the WH.. Hes is doing it on purpose destroying our USA> Hell he but tells us that every time he give a speech some one else wrote for him..He thinks hes hurting us but when the ppl finally gt sick of his communist way then he will be the one to get hurt by impeaching him . and it cant come soon enough.

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