With the help of RINO’s Murkowski an Graham Cain’s Republican elite support may be slipping

Posted by JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief

Comment by Jim Campbell

We should be hearing from the coward Senator Ms. Lindsey Graham any moment on why Herman Cain lacks the qualifications to be president.

Voted for Elana Kagan to be Supreme Court Justice

Is former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain’sz Republican support slipping? He seemed to have to face softening support today — hours before he holds a press conference at which he is expected to paint himself as the target of a campaign out to get him by politically or financially motivated accusers.

NUMBER ONE: A Republican Senator says he should quit if the allegations prove true. And the way this is stated is not a ringing endorsement of Cain:

Most recent picture of Lisa Murkowski soon to be dumped RINO Senator from Alaska.

– Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowskiz told CNN on Tuesday she is “concerned” that the most recent charge of sexual harassment against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain “is not an isolated incident” and that he should quit the race if there is any truth to the claims.

“I’m learning about this at the same time as any of the rest of you. But I would suggest that if, in fact, there is substance to the claims – and now there are apparently four individuals that have been involved or who have come forward – if that’s the case, I think that his opportunity as a nominee are gone,” the senator said.

Nearly all of the Republican senators contacted by CNN sidestepped questions about the scandal that has rocked Cain’s campaign, saying they want to learn first if there is real evidence to support the mostly anonymous charges.

However, Murkowski made clear she was moved by the public account of Sharon Bialek, a single mother from Chicago who held a news conference on Monday to say Cain wanted sex in return for helping her to find a job.

“It takes incredible courage for an individual to come forward as this latest, as this one woman has,” the third-term Alaskan said. “So it does cause me to wonder exactly what is out there. I am concerned.”

Cain’s supporters (particularly Fox News, which is mounting a major defense of Cain) will likely dismiss Murkowski as a RINO given the way she won re-election (as an independent defeating the Tea Party establishment candidate). But they will find it harder to diss the second wavering GOPer.

3 responses to “With the help of RINO’s Murkowski an Graham Cain’s Republican elite support may be slipping

  1. Shes got a lot to talk about… They all learn to cheat and lie the first thing dont they..
    I get the feeling that Scott Brown wont be b ack either. Hes a big disapointment and I made some phone calls for him….

  2. Republican Elites support of Cain.. Are you kidding me. You’re head in the ground or been out of the country for 3 years? Try Republican elitists support for Romney. Cain wants the FairTax. Hello.. ?? Elitists don’t want the FairTax, sorry, that puts the power of the purse back in our hands completely. Both Parties have a lot of fun manipulating the economy, not just Dems.. or they’d be falling all over themselves to help bring 12 Trillion of Capital Investment back into the US with the repeal of the 16th ammendment.. get a grip guys. really..

    • Yo Father O’Malley, I think you have been around here long enough to know that my head hasn’t been in the ground nor have I been out of the country. When you speak of elites perhaps you mean the current trolls who’s strings are being really pulled by the elite of the NWO. When we finally get a conservative president and more members of congress that don’t plan on making this their life’s work the fair tax makes all the sense in the world. Good bye IRS………J.C.

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