Dede Scozzafava A RINO is Born in NY Gone in 2012

Guest Submission by Lou Gutnicki

We conservatives are in a war with two fronts – Dems/Libs on the left/far-left and on the sort of right we have politicians who like to pass themselves off as conservatives.

These conservative doppelgangers are otherwise known as RINO’s  and are a huge problem for us because we spend lots of time, energy, and yes money in our attempt to elect people who we believe share our values.

We expect that when we work to put folks into local, state, and federal office that they will live up to our expectations. We certainly expect them to live up to their campaign promises whether implicit or explicit.

It’s really disappointing when guys who waxed conservative during campaigns go soft once in office and give up principle in favor of politics. To be honest, I believe that we need to keep these RINOs out of office almost as much as we do the Dems/Libs. On the other hand, the 2010 Tea Party crop in Congress have so far been a welcome force in our fight to take our country back.

We are now saw this being played out before our very eyes with the Debt Ceiling boondoggle. First this brave troupe voted for Cut, Cap, and Balance and now the coalition of more than 100 House Republicans who supported Cut, Cap and Balance also came out against Speaker Boehner’s package Tuesday afternoon. This is exactly why Governor Palin and many of us fought to put these people into office in 2010.

My first encounter with the RINO creature was during a 2009 special congressional race in NY 23rd CD in upstate New York. I watched that race closely for several reasons. For one I’m a New Yorker, and for another Governor Palin was backing the Conservative candidate instead of RINO Dede Scozzafava because of Scozzafava’s horrendous record in the state assembly. This was a supposed Republican and yet Scozzafava supported abortion rights and same-sex marriage and voted for higher spending on New York’s state budget. Huh? As this campaign progressed I got back-to-back shockers. First, Newt Gingrich who I naively had assumed was Mr. Conservative really turned out to be a “Big-Tent” Republican.

He came out in favor of Scozzafava saying something like “If you seek to be a perfect minority, you’ll remain a minority. That’s not how Reagan built his revolution.” That definitely was not Governor Palin’s point of view. If Newt’s behavior was absolutely unforgivable, then Scozzafava’s next action would need special language to describe such total betrayal. The traitor Scozzafava dropped out of the race because of Palin’s endorsement of the Conservative candidate and then Scozzafava had the gall to turn around and support the Democrat.

How low can someone go? The Democrat won in a “safe” Republican district. These events opened my eyes and marked a turning point for me personally. I realized that I had to become actively involved in the political process if I were to get satisfaction with that process.

Back to the present, I believe that I’m witnessing a RINO hatching out of the gestational stage. I put in a major effort last year for Bob Turner a Republican vying to best entrenched Anthony Weiner in the NY 9thCD. Bob was a neophyte candidate but still did a marvelous job in a very blue district and garnered a respectable 42%.

In his 2010 campaign, Bob stayed true to his conservative instincts openly opposing gay marriage and abortion. He was even invited to Mark Levin’s radio show to promote his candidacy. That was then.

Anthony Weiner exposed his true nature to the country and Bob Turner got a do-over. As soon as Breitbart broke the story about Weiner, I contacted Turner telling him that I was ready to go all out for him in a September 15 special election. I was off by two days – September 13 is when the election will be held. Weiner didn’t go down easy, but he did go down and Bob was chosen by the Republican Party to run for that seat. I know that Bob was burned in 2010 by Weiner mailings claiming that Turner would take away Medicare and Social Security from seniors. This of course was a lie and Mediscare is an old Democrat ploy, but it lost Turner a lot of votes.

There is old saying “Once bitten, twice shy” and it’s a way to think about Turner’s abandon of the conservative core principal of fiscal responsibility. Turner traded endorsement by former New York City Mayor Ed Koch in exchange for a pledge to oppose Paul Ryan’s budget plan. Turner promised to explain his position, but did not. This poses a few problems. For one, should Turner win he has already obligated himself to do Ed Koch’s bidding in Congress.

That’s not good. Just as important, Turner is telling us that his position on issues is negotiable. That certainly is not good. I believe that the right way for Turner to have dealt with this is two-fold: a) publicly express gratitude for Koch’s offer of endorsement but explain that the only way to keep Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security intact as Koch demanded is precisely by passing the Ryan budget, and b) explaining clearly how the Ryan budget accomplishes this. Yeah. It’s easy for me to say, but we really have to stand up for core principles if we are to take our country back.

I will continue to support and work for Bob Turner in this special election, although with obvious lessened enthusiasm. I believe that this is correct for now but I’ll see what the future brings.


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