RINO alert! 10 North Jersey Republicans endorse Democrat Dick Codey for State Senate

Comment by Jim Campbell

Had this been for the US Senate position instead of the local NJ senate, heads of Republicans would be used as bowling balls rolling each time to the left gutter.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. Party bosses don’t like outsiders. Especially Tea Party outsiders with wide grassroots appeal. So instead of lining up behind a nominee who won the primary fair and square, ten influential North Jersey Republicans are throwing their support behind his Democrat opponent.

State Senator Dick Codey (D-Essex) is vulnerable this year. He got redistricted into parts of Morris County where Republican support is strong. The GOP put up Essex Fells Councilman Bill Sullivan in the primary. I’ve met Bill, he’s a good guy. Conservative. Defender of the Second Amendment. Supportive of limited government. I think he could have beaten Codey in November.

Nonetheless, an upstart Morris County Tea Partier named William Eames ran against Sullivan in the primary. Eames won. He has a lot of enthusiastic supporters. But the Republican Party bosses aren’t on the bandwagon. In fact they’ve pretty much just announced that they’re taking their marbles and going home. Instead of lining up behind Eames the GOP is endorsing Codey.

Current elected officials among the Republicans who endorsed Codey include Hanover Mayor John Sheridan, Florham Park Mayor Scott Eveland and Essex Fells Mayor Ed Abbot.

Republican Chatham Township Committeeman William O’Connor endorsed Codey even though his town’s mayor, Nicole Hagner, is running for Assembly on Eames’ ticket.

I’m flabbergasted. This isn’t about principle. Dick Codey is no prize. He never met a tax he wouldn’t raise or a public dollar he couldn’t waste. Eames wants to work with Chris Christie and take a hatchet to the state budget. He’ll work to revise the lopsided school aid formulas (derived by guys like Dick Codey) which send 99% of the state subsidies to the 31 sainted Abbott districts, leaving the rest of us to twist in the wind.

There’s only one black mark against William Eames — the party bosses didn’t pick him to run. The people picked William Eames. And that doesn’t sit at all with a Republican party that’s more interested in telling us what to do rather than listening to what we have to say.

William Eames for NJ State Senate!


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