New RINOs must lead Republicans?

Comment by Jim Campbell

Heads up Randall Wolf it seems you have your wires crossed. Glenn Beck nor Roger Ailes have never said you were not welcome to the Republican Party.

We must reinvent ourselves to fit your vision?  I don’t think so. Do the Tea Party “Pundits” dominate the dominate the current party dialogue? Or are you so completely confused that the not so “mainstream media” has been brain washing many minds including yours. 

In closing, there will be no new RINO’s you are among the party of one.  Their are just old RINOS and they will be facing primary challenges on November 6, 2012.

Republicans known as RINOs, (Republican in Name Only) must reinvent themselves back into the leadership of the party. The GOP was founded on progressive and compassionate ideals, not ignorant and insolent positions.

Our way of reaching across the aisle.

The Tea Party pundits dominate the current party dialogue. While I respect some of their ideas, they do not represent me. RINO should be an acronym of respect, not ridicule. Moderate Republicans need to take ownership of the word RINO and use it to advance their platform. I propose Republican Ideals for National Objectives.

We cannot remain a silent majority, we must bring greater balance and acceptance of differing points of view to the party and nation. New RINOs would only pledge allegiance to the nation, and place governing the nation ahead of political rhetoric. We believe in tax reform, sound economic policy, states’ rights and individual freedoms, while abroad we promote free trade, free speech and democracy. We may or may not support abortion or other social issues of the day.


I am tired of people like Roger Ailes or Glenn Beck telling me I’m not welcome in my party and making outlandish statements. It is time for voices of reason like Joe Scarborough and presidential candidate Gov. Jon Huntsman to be supported and heard. We must reshape the Republican Party from that of the party of NO back to the party of inNOvation. The GOP must become the voice of solutions, not hatred. It’s time for new RINOs to charge forward and reshape the GOP.

Randall Wolf


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