Minnesota’s Pro Islam Governor a RINO that must be dumped

Comment by Jim Campbell

The voters in Michigan must impeach their governor. He represents a danger to his state, lacks and understanding of Sharia and clearly doesn’t know what he is doing.

Governor Rick Snyder of MI tells us below that he is too focused on governing his state to become involved with national issues.  With that attitude, it seems he may be limiting his political ambitions in the future.

To add to his cluelessness he hosted a CAIR event on Michigan Muslim Day

Muslim Day? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, what about a Christian Day? Are you beginning to see on groups like CAIR are metastasizing through out America? 

One of the ways that ObamaCare hides its true cost is that it offloads a lot of it onto the states via Medicaid mandates. Michigan stands to lose $billions on the expansion of that program. You figure it’s a no-brainer then for Snyder to sign a letter that is signed by every other state Governor as they all see the coming train wreck for their states. But you’d be wrong. From The Detroit News: Snyder declines to sign GOP governors’ letter on Medicaid plan

Gov. Rick Snyder said Wednesday he is too focused on Michigan issues to join the nation’s other Republican governors in endorsing a seven-point plan to improve Medicaid.

Um – Medicaid IS a Michigan issue is it not???

The Republican Governors Association announced on its website this week that 29 GOP governors — all but Snyder — signed the letter, which calls for more state autonomy in determining Medicaid eligibility and cost-sharing.

“Given … all the activities we have going on, I’m focused on Michigan,” Snyder said during a news conference on education reform. “My role is not to be a large advocate on a national scale. I was hired to be governor of Michigan.”

Then BE that Governor and tackle the tough issue of which Medicaid is a large one! But it gets even worse. Not only did Snyder not sign the letter, but he signaled that ObamaCare will be going full speed ahead in this state:

Though Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and several governors want President Barack Obama’s 2010 universal health care plan declared unconstitutional, Snyder says the state will move to implement the legislation unless or until it’s changed or struck down by courts.


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