Tea Party to Scott Brown: The Party’s Over

H/T  Hot Air

He may have been the first major victory of the Tea Party on a national level, but Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown may wind up looking a bit lonely in that regard has he prepares to run for his first full term in the upper chamber. The Daily Caller is reporting that Tea Party activists are feeling rather lukewarm toward Brown at best.

…Scott Brown was the tea party movement’s first electoral victory. But now that he’s up for re-election for a full six-year term in 2012, tea party activists tell The Daily Caller they’re not going to bother putting together the same operation that swept him into office the first time.

That’s not to say tea partiers will not vote for Brown, or even put up much of an effort to oppose him since a serious primary challenger has yet to be found.

The movement has matured into realizing that sometimes the “least of two evils” — as one activist put it — is necessary in a traditionally blue state like Massachusetts.

But don’t expect tea partiers to be happy about it.

“Scott Brown has disappointed us a few times,” Carlos Hernandez, state coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, told TheDC. “So are we going to go out there and hold signs for him everyday? I don’t think so.”

The “disappointments” by Scott Brown were not only evident, but predicted long before he was sworn in to office. Many of the same people who were celebrating the stunning victory during the 2010 congressional races began falling out of love with the upstart as soon as he began voting like a … Massachusetts Republican. And let’s be realistic here. We grow some pretty fluffy RINOs here in New York, but we don’t hold a candle to the Bay State. I’m fairly sure that all nine of the registered Republicans in Boston are pro-choice, among other things.

But Brown knows his own state and clearly can sense which way the wind is blowing. He had every intention of being competitive in this race, and he’s less concerned with impressing conservatives in Alabama than he is with the independents back home who he will need to vote for him next year. The good news in this is that there doesn’t seem to be any momentum to getting a primary challenge going against him. It will be hard enough sending Scott back for a full term, even if he is the most popular politician in the state. And while he’s at it, he might want to avoid any more references to Elizabeth Warren getting naked.

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