RINO Dick Lugar has a Challenger

The Official RinoList

From backing the DREAM Act to supporting President Obama’s crippling START Treaty with Russia, Dick Lugar has had a checkered past with Conservative thought and policy.  Maybe if he had spent less time golfing with the President he would have had the time to look through these disastrous bills.  There is now hope.

In January, RINO Hunters in Indiana gathered to decide on someone to run against Lugar, and Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock now is challenging Dick Lugar in the 2012 Senate run.

Richard Mourdock’s campaign site has a wonderful YouTube video with damning comments falling from the lips of no less than our own Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, of policy shaping relationship between himself and good ‘ole Lugar.


2 responses to “RINO Dick Lugar has a Challenger

  1. sally furgerson

    Obama is a crook what the heck can you do with a crook unless you are a crook your s elf and know the rules…

    • I believe you hit that one over the fence Sally, LOL what can you do with a crook unless you are a crook yourself, Love it, I’m J.C. I run another site called http://www.achargingelephant.com It’s pure and simple, hard ball conservative politics, mixed with lots of humor, great graphics and my twisted wit. I’ll send you a blast. I agree Brown is the personification of the RINO I’m Jim and I run this and other circus’ Enjoy

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