The conservative divide

Milwaukee Conservative Issues Examiner
Matthew Taylor
Comments by Jim Campbell
Things are not at all as dour as Mr. Taylor would lead us to believe.  Once a candidate emerges from the primaries as the winner. The people will get behind that candidate to make sure we don’t have to endure another 4 years of tyranny from Obama and the progressive lemming that follow him.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

The Republican Party in this Country is simply broken. Why? There is absolutely no central leadership that conservative Americans believe in. Currently, the Conservative movement faces the Tea Party, the Republican Party establishment, and a more gelled Libertarian movement. For many Conservatives the national leadership is simply ineffective and filled with Rhinos, Moderates masking as die-hard Conservatives in the Republican Party.

If you reach across the aisle.  This is no time for compromise it’s time to drive the stake in the hart of the progressive movement.  RINO’s need not apply.

To find your nearest Rhino, please visit the offices of Lindsay Graham, John McCain, or Haley Barber, to name a few. The party simply lacks cohesion and a centralized message. It seems more often than not, the Republicans are deep-sea diving without lights, goggles, or even oxygen. What revival does the party need? Ronald Reagan.

Back in the 1980s, the Republican Party was blessed with a man named Ronald Reagan. With Jimmy Carter up for re-election and a myriad of economic and social issues facing the United States, Ronald Regan easily captured victory by carrying 44 States, while Carter won a dismal 6 (plus D.C.). Immediately after inauguration, Reagan was strongly tested.

Carter failed to bring to an end the Iran hostage crisis. Reagan successfully ended the long, intense standoff with stellar poise. Thereafter, Reagan focused intensely on deregulation, military build-up, the Soviet Union, and the economy. Reagan gained much ground on these issues and a host of other politically sensitive topics.

More importantly, Reagan was a strong, articulate, and dedicated leader that was greatly respected for his humor and his convictions. Moreover, Reagan provided clarity when Americans were flustered and ushered in confidence when all were weak. Such attributes are missing from the Republican Party, as well as the current administration.

4 responses to “The conservative divide

  1. There are some things about Lindsey Graham that I don’t understand. His private life is none of my business, but he says he is not gay. If he is, in fact ,not gay, I don’t understand why he hung around the White House when Rahm Emanuel was there. Of course there have been rumors about Obama, but both Obama and Rahm Emanuel belonged to some gay club in Chicago. As a straight person I would not want to hang around with those people socially, but that is just my opinion. I hope I don’t offend anyone with this post.

    • In a few words, he needs to be loved, have approval from both sides, why his was for Global Warming, START, he refused to write a letter for one of his constituents, PFC Corey Clagett locked up in solitary for following direct orders to kill while in Iraq. Graham’s answer to the mother and Corey, I chose not to get involved. I will spend as much time in 2014 as I did for Corey the past two years to make sure he is defeated. My plan, target major SC news papers, remind the folks of his voting record. He is not fit to serve. JC

  2. You should learn something about Reagan before worshipping him. Reagan raised taxes 11 times, more than doubled the debt, thought millionaires should pay more, increased the Earned Income Tax Credit considerably, and much more. By your terms, Reagan was a RINO also.

    • Yea sure pal Reagan did away with tax brakes while cutting taxes across the board for everyone. This of course led to 30 years of prosperity following the train wreck of the soon to be replaced as the worst president in the world Jimmy Carter. I believe you would do well to study some non revisionist texts about the Reagan Revolution, it will help certainly clear up your liberal delusions. Hope to hear back from you. I’m J.C.

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