Scott Brown on Social Security

A few months ago during the heat of the federal budget debates, Sen. Scott Brown claimed that he wanted to change Social Security and other benefits that our retirees receive. We haven’t heard a peep from him since. It would be great if he’d clarify his opinion on this matter


I’d like to ask Sen. Scott Brown’s would-be opponent in the next general election what her opinion is regarding the above matter.

Now would they both be willing to reduce their retirement benefits?

Would they be willing to tell their servants (staff members) that they have to pay back their kids’ student loans or their own student loans like the rest of us do?

Would they be willing to take half the retirement that they get now?

Would they be willing to make any bill passed to reduce congressional retirement benefits retroactive to include all current congressional members?

Why hasn’t Brown introduced legislation to have our congressional leadership share the burdens financially along with the rest of us.

I would have asked Warren the above question, but he’s the senator. Plus he’s probably more honest about such things. At least he seems to be.

2 responses to “Scott Brown on Social Security

  1. We need to get Elizabeth Warren into office.

  2. You’ll never get honesty with Scott Brown. He’s the one who tried to run with the Tea Party to get elected. He promised our views were his views and if we supported him, we’d never regret it. We did and a week after he took office, he blocked all Tea Party people from his site and became Obama’s lap dog.

    I’ll never forget him because his deception was so blatant and his acting skills were so natural. I doubt if he’s ever had a true thought in his life.

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