“Republicans” Capture SC House District

Palmetto state “Republicans” maintained their decisive edge in the S.C. House of Representatives on Tuesday by capturing a special election victory in Berkeley County.

In 2014 say goodbye to Ms. Lindsey

Edward L. “Eddy” Southard – chairman of the Berkeley County planning commission – handily defeated Moncks Corner town councilwoman Tonia Aiken-Taylor by a 60-40 margin. That’s an impressive win – at least until you recognize that this district is 80 percent “Republican.”

Southard will finish the term of fiscally-liberal Rep. David Umphlett – a RINO who passed away in May.

Will Southard join the small handful of fiscally-conservative reformers when he arrives in Columbia in January? Or will he align with the “Republicans in Name Only” who have pledged allegiance to liberal House Speaker Bobby Harrell (RINO-Charleston).

We’re going to keep an open mind, but early reports are that Southard will be a member of the RINO “Mouth Breather Caucus.”

In fact, we’re told he may be even dumber that S.C. Rep. Dennis Moss, who managed to simultaneously raise the IQ of both the GOP and Democratic caucuses when switched parties in 2009.

Anyway, Southard’s special election victory wasn’t without its fireworks. On the morning of his win, the candidate got into a “verbal disagreement” with a poll worker at Whitesville Elementary School. Sources tell FITS that the future lawmaker verbally berated poll worker Estelle Frost for not having sufficient signage at the polling location – and that the exchange was so heated bystanders were on the verge of calling local law enforcement.

Southard dismissed the allegations, telling the local election supervisor that the exchange was nothing but a “bit of yin-yanging.”


Sheesh … is this guy gonna fit right in at the State House or what?




One response to ““Republicans” Capture SC House District

  1. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose and it appears this time the win was a lose. Everyone knows we need something different but sometimes the something different is really just more of the same….in fact that happens often.

    We need to restart our government by putting in people who have never held office and believe in the Constitution and LOVE America!


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