RINO Hunting

Comments by Jim Campbell

Dick Morris has laid out an excellent plan and warning to the newly elected Republicans who were elected as conservative but have begun voting as RINO’s.  In addition he plans weekly updates on the good ole boys and girls who must be retired.

Lugar voted for both the DREAM ACT and START

Hatch a Co-sponsor of the DREAM ACT yet skipped voting on it, doubtlessly for political cover.

Morris issues his fist two targets by name, Senator Dick Lugar, (RINO-IN) and Senator Orin Hatch, (RINO-UT)  Both of these guys have playing sides of the field with regard to Immigration and START.  It’s time they are fired by those that have elected them.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

3 responses to “RINO Hunting

  1. The RINOs who cave on the Debt Ceiling must, along with the above named double dealers, be PRIMARIED! Cut off all donations to them, the RNC & the Campaign Cmtes, Contribute instead to their primary opponents.

  2. McKernan, as chairman of the board, signed the registration statement for the public offering. What is the name of the dead Grateful Dead member of the same surname as Olympia Snowe’s husband?

    Pig Pen.

  3. RINO’s…………will be primaried for sure. There are two progressive Senators from Michigan, Carl Levin and Debbie “The Beast” Stabenow that need “replacing” also. It is a must. They are killing the state with their entitlement programs for people who “do not want to work” but like sitting on their rearends drawing a subsistance check from the workers paying their way.

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