Texas Drifter: CIPO’S Worse Than RINO’s

All Right all the time

Are these examples of Texas CIPO’S? (Conservatives In Public Only)
1. Did Texas U.S. Senator Cornyn’s activities of betraying conservatives in the recent Alaskan election to help a Moderate Republican get elected?
2. Has Texas Representative Farenthold betrayed his Tea Party supporters by becoming a U.S. House Speaker Boehner puppet?
3. Has Governor Perry been a CIPO throughout his career? After all, he supported Trans Texas Terrorist Corridor designed to generate incredible profits for foreign companies. Perry intended to set up secret special courts to seize private land owner’s properties.

4. Is one very well known radio talk show host really a CIPO? Talk on the streets is that this conservative celebrity met with a well know Moderate Republican strategist to try and convince an East Coast Republican Governor to seek Republican 2012 Presidential election.   More below

5. If any of the above are CIPO’s, and all probably are, none owe Texas Drifter any explanation. They all however, owe apologies to those tens of thousands and in some cases hundred of thousands “for dealing off the bottom” for votes to get elected or ratings for advertising profits.
6. Reader’s assignment find more examples of CIPO activities by above Texas CIPO’s or name CIPO’s and their activities in your own state.Patience is a virtue in both life and politics. Perhaps conservatives should exercise virtue of patience by waiting until their 2012 Presidential Convention to select their candidate for President. Picking candidate at convention would give Obama’s Marxist-fascist Progressive Democrats and their Moderate Republican allies less time to sabotage Republican Party’s candidate with vicious hateful propaganda.This time can also be used by conservatives to recognize their opponents also known as America last crowd; obvious include Marxist-fascist Democrats including their allies plus Moderate Republicans with their legions of conservative betrayers: RINO’s and CIPO’s. Remember patience can be a critical virtue as there are no “do-overs” in politics for Judeo-Christian Conservative Patriots from CIPO’s betrayals.

Brief review of shadow players in “world’s second oldest profession”:
1. sympathizers;
2. collaborators;
3. spies;
4. double agents.

Few contemporary descriptions to accompany sympathizers and collaborators:
1. undercover agents;
2. double undercover agents;
3. industrial espionage agents;
4. CIPO infiltrators used by Moderate Republicans allies of Progressive Democrats to sabotage American-Judeo Christian conservatives, American patriots, and grass roots organizations like Tea Party which are seen as threats to America’s ruling political aristocracy.

Reader’s assignment, answer one or more questions, who better to present above observations than your author, who is licensed by State of Texas to teach private sector class SPY AS A VERB: Art and Ethics of Surveillance?

Closing thought there are two kinds of shadow players in world’s second oldest profession; on one side was Nathan Hale a true Judeo-Christian Conservative Patriot. On the other side, one Benedict Arnold, by all accounts a traitor to Heaven’s favorite Republic. Reader’s assignment, learn to recognize and avoid CIPO’s as trusting them probably not that good of an idea. So writes Texas Drifter.


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  1. What does CIPO mean?

  2. Wow Your site is of the chain

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