Mitt Romney RINO extraordinaire

by Jim Campbell

To top it off he won’t back away from his failed Romney Care the model for Obama Care.  Nope this guy is finished stick a fork in him.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Any Questions?

12 responses to “Mitt Romney RINO extraordinaire

  1. Craig McWilliams

    Jim as usual very relevant and appropriate. Keep up the good work. Romney is a RINO and a distraction.

  2. MITT ROMNEY IS A LIBERAL BOTTOM LINE,,he is akin to a gungrabbing, baby killing,obama care, lieing demorat…screw this pos liar

    • Indeed amigo so Is Newt and others to be exposed. Huntsman from Utah, forget about it. He wants to build his platform on civility. That is code for kising Liberal Ass

  3. Problem the GOP establishment has this time around is the electorate is onto them and their tactics to feed Americans who they’ve chosen. So they believe “it’s Romney’s turn?” You’re right they forced Juan McCain on us the last go around but they are going to have a very difficult time forcing another RINO on voting conservatives this time around and I believe the this time around voting base for conservative principles be broader to include independents and Democrats who have a functioning brain! Romney might be enjoying some much too early leads for now, and I even question just how reliable those faux polls are this early in the game. People need to be very wary of Jon Huntsman, who I believe would be worse than Romney and he’s busy holding back from the early runs to enter into the race as some fresh face and hopefully dupe enough people into thinking he is the answser to the Obama disease! He’s more one of them than he is anything on the issues that count! Newt did say something last night that also needs to be kept at forefront on minds of REAL AMERICA..”must win more House and Senate seats” or won’t matter who is President. We need to stay vigilant and support those we know are solid conservatives in our state legislatures and those we send to D.C. This website will come in handy as the races begin to really heat up and take shape….b/c Dems are now running their own candidates as Republicans in many races to dupe people into voting for them. They’re using this tactic more and more. Those elections matter as much as POTUS! Keep up the good work Jim! This website will be on fire in the next few months!!!

  4. The Republican Party has forgotten who they are and what they stand for. Romney is NOT the answer. America needs decisive, experienced leadership, a candidate that understands economics and isn’t afraid to put America first.

  5. Shirley Brinker

    I like Michele Bachmann the best. But Romney would definitely know how to turn this economy around, so even if many of you don’t like him, I think he would do a good job on that. As for Romney care, he doesn’t admit he is against it, but he has said he believes that is a State issue and he would repeal Obamacare and I believe him on that. New Gingrich, I do not care about the marriages, etc. He is a very educated and very smart man, and I will always like him, no matter what anyone else says about him. You never get an absolutely perfect candidate and people should realize that.

  6. Career politicans are a HUGE NO NO right now. Just isn’t going to happen in my world. Right now I’m an Allen West, Herman Cain kind of gal.

  7. Career politcans are a HUGE NO NO right now. Just isn’t going to happen in my world. Right now I’m an Allen West, Herman Cain kind of gal.

  8. Worst case scenario: A Lindsey Graham / Olympia Snowe ticket.
    How about Jan Brewer?

    • The first two, ticket to ride to hell, Jan Brewer I’ve wondered why she doesn’t run. She has recognition, understands the Constitution and won’t let Obama steamroll her without a major fight. Jim

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