RINO Lindsey Graham Is Lone Republican to Vote For Kagan

Gate Way Pundant

Jim Hoft

Editorial by Jim Campbell

Lindsey Graham’s lone vote as a Republican prevented the filibuster by the Republican Party.  He must be term limited in 2014 for another one of his play nice blunders. 

Had the Republicans been able to block her with her far left leaning she is potentially a greater threat along with Sotomayor to destroy the Constitution. 

During partial birth abortion babies are pulled feet-first from the womb and stabbed through the back of the skull.

This disgusting technique is never a necessary medical procedure.
But, Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick Elena Kagan not only promoted it and lied about it with one medical group, she tried to push the American Medical Association to approve of the gruesome procedure.
Life News reported:

The pressure on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has jumped this week thanks to a memo she wrote during the Clinton administration showing her pressuring a medical group to change its position on partial-birth abortion. Now, new files indicated Kagan also pressured a second group.

Kagan urged Clinton to oppose any meaningful restrictions on partial-birth abortion and went as far as manipulating the option of one medical group, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which said such abortions are never medically necessary.

Senators asked Kagan about that memo today during Judiciary Committee hearings and she explained her actions away by saying she wanted to help ACOG form a more accurate opinion.

Now, according to a report Americans United for Life furnished to LifeNews.com, Kagan’s lobbying for changes to medical associations’ positions while in the White House is further evidenced by an email found in her White House documents.

The email has Kagan clearly trying to change the position of another medical group, the American Medical Association.

Today Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) became the lone Republican to vote in favor of the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.
MSNBC reported:

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Tuesday voted in favor of the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, making him the only GOP member of the Senate Judiciary Committee to back Obama’s pick for the high court.

The panel, made up of 12 Democrats and seven Republicans, approved Kagan’s nomination by a vote of 13-6. Every Democrat on the panel supported her, while every Republican other than Graham opposed her. The nomination will go to a full Senate vote within the next few weeks.

“I’m going to vote for her because I believe the last election had consequences,” Graham said in announcing his support for Kagan. “This president chose someone who is qualified, who has the experience and knowledge to serve on this court … and understands the difference between being a liberal judge and a politican.”

Please, South Carolina… Find someone to run against this horrible RINO and get him out of the Senate.
We’re counting on you.

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