RINO Lindsey Graham Cries Over $40,000 In Pork For SC

by Chris Bounds

Washington Post

As if I needed another reason to not like the South Carolina RINO Senator! If one thing is clear it is that Americans want to cut government spending.  Adding to that it is no secret that Americans cannot stand taxpayer funds being used to pay for politicians’ pet projects.  To Senator Graham that does not matter.  From the Washington Post:

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham told reporters Wednesday that he will block votes on any nominations until he is assured that $40,000 will be devoted to a study related to deepening the Port of Charleston.

Graham said he had originally requested that the money be included in the deal funding the government for the rest of the current fiscal year, but that the final agreement hammered out by President Obama and congressional leaders late last week did not include it…

The funding is necessary in order to make sure the port is deep enough to handle oversized cargo ships that are “going to dominate the shipping lanes” in the coming years, Graham said.

“If you’re a Republican and you want to create jobs, then you need to invest in infrastructure that will allow us to create jobs,” Graham said. “So, for $40,000 or $50,000, we can keep on track the deepening of a port that is a huge economic engine for the southeast. We have lost our way. The Obama administration talks about export jobs, but if you don’t invest in ports, how are you going to get the goods to go to other parts of the world?”…

“It’s not too big of an ask,” Graham said. “We’re talking about a $40,000 need in Charleston to make sure the port doesn’t fall a year behind. And when people get focused on it, I think it’ll get solved.”

Graham sounds like a Democrat complaining about Republican budget cuts.  He voted “no” as promised, but  the bill which passed anyway.  Don’t think he is done with issue though!

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